National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal

The National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal is an impartial and independent judicial body appointed by the Government. The Tribunal supervises compliance with the Non-Discrimination Act and the Act on Equality between Women and Men (Equality Act) both in private activities and in public administrative and commercial activities.

However, the mandate of the Tribunal does not cover matters related to private life, family life or practice of religion.

The function of the Tribunal is to give legal protection to those who consider they have been discriminated against or victimised.

Matters relating to the activities of the Finnish parliament may be submitted to the Tribunal for consideration only if the matter concerns the activities of the Parliament or one of its organs as public authority or employer.

The supervision carried out by the Tribunal does not cover the activities of the President of the Republic, the government plenary session, the courts of law and other judicial bodies, the Chancellor of Justice and the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

If a case concerning a prohibition on discrimination has been or is to be taken up by another authority, the Tribunal may not investigate it.

The Tribunal may prohibit continued or repeated discrimination or victimisation and impose a conditional fine to enforce compliance with its injunctions and order payment of such a fine.

The Tribunal may oblige the party concerned to take measures within a reasonable period of time in order to fulfil the obligations under the Non-Discrimination Act.

The Tribunal may not order any compensation to be paid.

A decision issued by the Tribunal may be appealed to the competent Administrative Court.

The Tribunal considers petitions free of charge and there are no service fees. However, the parties concerned are liable for any other legal costs.

Published 18.8.2015